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Champ Camp - Last Minute Details

Hello everyone! :-)

Let me start out by saying I am so excited for our new format this year! :-)

I have a lot of really great learning and lessons set up for us to do and of course I'm super excited for the equestrian Pilates each day :-) We will work very hard but should have a really good time doing it :-)

Here are some answers to basic questions :-)

I have gone back and forth about how much Tent City to do and I have decided to just do tent city on Tuesday evening. I will be at the farm teaching so it's not like I am readily available to the girls, but as long as they can handle themselves (which I know they can) I am totally fine with this if you are. Maybe we could just send some money for pizza that evening? :-)

So I am planning on NO Tent City for Monday night and anybody that wants to stay Tuesday is more than welcome.

I want to double-check that it is fine with everybody if we all go cross-country schooling on Wednesday morning? We would be going to Cedar Ridge Farm which is on the corner of Zeeb and Waters Road. I am still waiting to hear back from her about schooling fees, etc. and will keep you posted on this :-)

As far as what to bring each day, the following would be great:
their cross country stopwatch or a stopwatch,
a large beach towel for Pilates, and
a comfortable change of clothes for Pilates.
The rest of the items would all be common sense from previous Camp years :-)

I will add more information as I can think of it. Please let me know if you have any questions and can't wait thanks! :-)


ADDENDUM - Please fill out the Cedar Ridge Release Form for Cross Country Schooling and bring it BEFORE Wednesday morning.  Big THANK YOU!
Champ CAMP
June 19 - 21
Champ Camp includes:
A minimum of two riding lessons per day
At least one cross country schooling
A wealth of unmounted learning
Some cross training and yoga
Time for fun in the pool and by the camp fire

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