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Hi Everyone:
I just wanted to say how proud I am of everyone who showed this year for another amazing season!! It is so fun to watch all of you take your horses (that you have made yourselves and are not your usual event horse prototype) and really turn them into something special!! Your horses seem to truly enjoy their jobs and I can't say enough how much fun it is to show with everyone in the barn! I especially love when we rent golf carts and attempt the world record for numbers of bodies aboard, time and time again! You guys are so funny and are so kind and helpful to each other. I love the team work that you display at all times It is a pleasure to teach you and I can't wait for 2010!!
Love, Kelsey
2009 T.E.A.M.
Beginner Novice Junior Rider:
Champion Molly Gordon
Reserve Champion Amy Chronis

Beginner Novice Senior Rider:
Champion Sheri Trudeau

Beginner Novice Junior Horse:
1st FWF Fire Illusion with Molly Gordon

2nd Mr. Go Andre Britches with Amy Chronis

4th Zeke with Brianna Morales

Beginner Novice Senior Horse:

Black Tuxedo with Sheri Trudeau

Training Level Junior Rider:
Champion Erin Strader

Training Level Junior Horse:
1st JM Yukon Jack with Erin Strader

2nd Ebony with Erin Strader

Riders Chosen to Represent Michigan at the Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge:
Beginner Novice: Molly Gordon (3rd)
Amy Chronis (3rd)
Sheri Trudeau (7th)

The team finished 3rd overall

Novice: Rylie Damm (4th)

The team finished 3rd overall

Training: Erin Strader (3rd)

The team finished 4th overall

Bob Hutton Trophy (Awarded to the adult amateur that accumulated the most points at any level):

Sheri Trudeau
Castleberry Trophy (Awarded to the junior rider accumulating the most points at any level):

Erin Strader
The Welcome to Michigan Award for Training Level (Awarded to the horse and rider combination that finishes with the lowest combined penalties from the following events Encore, Hunters Run and Richland Park) :

Erin Strader
2009 AEC's
Training Junior Rider Erin Strader on JM Yukon Jack 3rd Place (1st after Dressage)

2008 T.E.A.M.
Novice Junior Champion Natalie Martin

Novice Junior Horse - Champion Jake (and Natalie Martin)

Novice Junior - Reserve Champion Erin Strader

Novice Junior Horse - Reserve Champion Ebony II (and Erin Strader)

Beginner Novice Junior Rider - Champion Riley Kent

Beginner Novice Junior Horse - Champion Chips Ahoy (and Riley Kent)

Beginner Novice Junior Horse - 3rd Place Zeke (and Brianna Morales)

Red, White, Blueberry Trophy for
Beginner Novice Junior Rider in
First Year Competition - Most Points

Riley Kent

Senior Beginner Novice Rider - Reserve Champion Sheri Trudeau

Senior Beginner Novice Horse - Reserve Champion (black Tuxedo (Max) (and Sheri Trudeau)

Honey Run Team Challenge:
Novice Division
Winners' Trophy
Riley Damm
Riley Kent
Natalie Martin
Erin Strader

Recognition for Representing
T.E.A.M. at Kentucky Team Challenge
Erin Strader

2008 American Eventing Championships
Beginning Novice Amateur 7th Place -
Amy Navitskis on Imagine Irish

Novice Junior 15th Place -
Erin Strader on Ebony

Novice Junior 21st Place -
Natalie Martin on Jake

Beginning Novice Junior 21st Place -
Riley Kent on Chips Ahoy

Beginning Novice Junior 36th Place -
Brianna Morales on Zeke

2008 USEA Area VIII Final Rankings
Beginner Novice Adult Amateur Rider - Champion Amy Navitskis

Beginner Novice Young Rider - 9th Place Brianna Morales

Beginner Novice Young Rider - 10th Place Riley Kent

Novice Young Rider - 3rd Place Erin Strader

Novice Young Rider - 6th Place Natalie Martin

Beginner Novice Horse - 3rd Place Imagine Irish (Amy Navitskis)

Novice Horse - 10th Place Ebony II (Erin Strader)

2007 TEAM
Novice Junior Rider of the Year Erin Strader
Novice Junior Horse of the Year Yukon Jack (and Erin Strader)
Beginner Novice Junior Rider of the Year Natalie Martin
Beginner Novice Junior Horse of the Year Jake (and Natalie Martin)

2007 American Eventing Championships Novice Level 7th Place - Erin Strader

2006 TEAM
Beginner Novice Junior Rider of the Year Champion: Hannah Stelhandske (Stargazer)

Reserve Champion: Ella Douglas-Durham (Ebony)

3rd - Erin Strader (Yukon Jack)
Beginner Novice Horse Division Champion: Stargazer (Hannah Stelhandske)

Reserve Champion: Ebony (Ella Douglas-Durham)

3rd - Yukon Jack (Erin Strader)
Castleberry Trophy
High Point Junior Rider
Hannah Stelhandske (Stargazer) 27 pts.
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