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Training and Consultation


A large part of Watership Downs, LLC’s business is training horses for clients.  This includes everything from starting horses to keeping them tuned up for best results in the show ring.  

On average, there are 6 – 7 horses in regular training.  The training  schedule can be flexible and Kelsey works with clients to best meet their needs. Based on many years of experience, she can develop an optimal schedule and training program.  Keeping the client's best interests in mind, Kelsey gets tremendous results in the most efficient way possible.  

The primary goal of the training program at Watership Downs, LLC is to create a partnership between the equine and its owner that is happy, healthy, and incredibly productive in the show ring.  One proven method for achieving these results includes Kelsey arranging the schedule so that she works with the horse for the first part of the training ride and then the owner rides under her direction.  This further allows for many clients to purchase horses that do not have a lot of show experience.  In this case, best results have been achieved through Kelsey putting in a successful show season wth the horse prior to the rider taking over the reins.  

If you are an owner looking to move your horse up a level, Kelsey also has a great deal of experience introducing horses to the new challenges that it will face.

Horses trained and shown by Kelsey regulary earn top places at TEAM and USEA recognized events, and  earn year-end TEAM awards, regional awards (USEA Area 8), and nation-wide USEA finishes.  

Kelsey has a 100% success rate getting training horses that she shows at USEA shows qualified for the American Eventing Championships.  

Consultation - Purchasing Horses
Kelsey has a natural eye for finding quality horses and is especially good at matching horses with their potential owners.  Often, she is able to purchase a greener horse than might not initially be ideal for the new owner, but then, through training, creates a very happy long-term partnership.  

Kelsey's consultation advice includes travel. Her methods of pre-screening net a very high success rate  when traveling to help an owner purchase a horse.  She has found horses for clients from all over the United States.

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