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Who We Are


Kelsey has 30 years riding and showing experience as well as 4-H and Pony Club.

She has won TEAM, USEA and USEA Area VIII year-end awards every year since becoming professional. She often competes client-owned horses and she has won TEAM year-end awards for every client's horse that she has competed a season on, and USEA and USEA Area VIII awards for many of them.

Kelsey believes in attending clinics regularly in order to continue her education. She has ridden with the following clinicians: John Zapati, Bobby Castello, Bobby Stevens, Holly Hudspeth, Will Faudree, John Williams, Kim Severson, Jim Graham, Stuart Young Black, Maryel Barnett, Dorothy Crowell, Cathy Weischoff, Bruce Mandeville, Lucinda Green, Sinead Halpin, Ian Stark, Leslie Law and Becky Holder.

Kelsey has 18 years of teaching experience.

Current students attend multiple shows per month and compete successfully and win regularly. To note just a few, the list of attended shows include Richland Park HT (MI), Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge (KY), Area VIII Championships (MI, OH, KY, IN), and The American Eventing Championships (NC,IL, GA). Typically, students receive year-end points at the state level (TEAM), regional level (USEA Area VIII) and/or national level (USEA). See Awards

Her lesson program ensures a strong foundation in dressage and jumping. She believes a happy horse is the most important element in becoming a better rider. Kelsey is a fun taskmaster who pushes each student to their individual potential through kind and inspiring teaching and humor. From the beginning, students are educated correctly and embrace the ideals of kindness, discipline and respect that forge them into outstanding horsemen in the future. Safety and fun are the foundation of every experience. Kelsey incorporates weekly unmounted lessons to teach students the fundamentals of safety, horse care, psychology and anatomy.

As a certified public elementary teacher, Kelsey draws on her education to develop lesson plans for every riding lesson in order to meet individual needs. She employs teaching strategies for structured skills development.

Other services and opportunities include:

---- Offering additional riding experience through the United States Pony Club and 4-H

---- Trailering and coaching services on a local, state, national, and international level (T.E.A.M. Events, USEA, M.H.J.A. shows and U.S.D.F. recognized shows)

---- Lease horses available

---- Reasonable rates

---- Tutoring in academic core subject areas to enhance student learning in the classroom. Able to generate interest in academics by relating instruction to student’s interest in riding
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