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WD Student Awards 2014


2013 T.E.A.M:

Beginner Novice Rider, Jr Mary Clare Owdziej (on Canadian Kincaid) Champion

Abbey Przekop (on Riverson) 3rd Place

Beginner Novice Rider, Amateur Kirsten Raab (Mare with Flare and Zeke) Champion

Cindy Strader (JM Yukon Jack) 3rd Place

Novice Rider, Jr Sarah McColm (on Ebony II) Champion

Mara Santiz (on FWF Fire Illusion) Reserve Champion

Beginner Novice Horse, Sr. Rider
Mare with Flare (Kirsten Raab) Reserve Champion

Novice Horse, Jr. Rider
Ebony II (Sarah Mcolm and Kylie Sclater) Champion

FWF Fire Illusion (Mara Santiz) Res. Champion

Castleberry Trophy
Sarah McColm (Ebony II)

(Overall High Point Award, Junior)

Riders Chosen to Represent Michigan at the Hagyard Mid-South Team Challenge:
Mara Santiz (on FWF Fire Illusion) Champion Team

Sarah McColm Champion Team

2013 USEA Area 8:

Beginner Novice, Adult Amateur Rider Kirsten Raab 6th Place (tie)
Young Rider Mara Santiz Champion
Novice Rider Mara Santiz Reserve Champion
Novice Horse Mara Santiz (on FWF Fire Illusion) Reserve Champion

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