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Rider: Mary Clare Owdziej
Level: N
Horse: Deal Me In (Rummy)
Breed: American Paint
Owner: Mary Clare Owdziej

2nd-  Spring bay
4th-   maydaze
1st-   derbyshire
2nd-  honey run horse trials
3rd-   skyline horse trials
1st-    hunters run derby
2nd-  chardon valley
6th-  derbyshire (Ember) first after dressage
6th-  hagyard midsouth

      American Eventing Championships  - 8th

T.E.A.M. Awards
Reserve Champion Novice Rider
Reserve Champion Novice Horse

Rider - Sylvia Eakett
Level - Beginner Novice
Horse -Jericho
Breed - Draft Cross
Owner - Geoff/Mary Culbertson

2017 -
Willowbrooke Farm Dressage Schooling Show - 1st Place
Spring Fling - 5th Place
May Daze at the KY Horse Park - 11th
Derbyshire USEA - 3rd Place
4H Fair - 1st Place Dressage Eq
Cobblestone USEA - 9th Place
Chardon Valley HT -  8th Place
Honey Run Team Challenge - 10th Place

2018 - Moving up to Novice level for the first time

Rider-  Maura O’Connor
Level-  Starter
Horse- Royal Tailspin
Breed- Quarter Horse
Owner-Maura O’Connor

Chardon Valley HT - 1st
May Daze at the Kentucky Horse Park -  2nd
Honey Run Horse Trials - 2nd
Honey Run Team Challenge  - 2nd
Skyline Horse Trials - 3rd
Cobblestone Farm Horse Trials - 3rd

TEAM Awards
Reserve Champion Starter Horse,  Junior Rider
Reserve Champion Starter, Junior  Rider
Equijenn Perpetual Trophy [High Point First Year Junior Rider Starter Division]

Rider: Slater Shane Boos
Level: Training
Horse: Ebony II
Breed: Draft, Quarter Cross
Owner: Kelsey Overbey Boos

2017 T.E.A.M. Awards :
Junior Rider - 3rd
The Cedar Ridge Perpetual Trophy [High Point First Year Junior Rider Training Division]

Chosen to represent Michigan at the Hagyard Mid-South Team Challenge, Training Level

Rider: Rebecca Cobleigh
Level: Starter
Horse: Gunner
Owner: Rebecca Cobleigh
Breed: Draft Cross Pony

4H Fair: 1st, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 4th, 6th, 6th
Waterloo: 1st, 4th, 5th
Derby: 12th

Level : Starter
Horse : Ultimate Twist (Texas)
Owner: Terry Morrow
Breed:  AQHA

WD Beginner Shows: 1st, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th, 5th
Cobblestone Derby for Dollars: 9th
Rider: Lauren Bohm
Level: Novice
Horse: Belle of the Ball
Breed: Clydesdale/Paint
Owner: Ann Shields

Spring Bay - 7th place
Honey Run HT - 4th place
Cobblestone USEA - 8th place
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