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Students - Pg. 4

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Rider: Deena Zaitounh
Level: Beginner Novice
Horse: See My Tuxedo (Tux)
Breed: American Paint
Owner: Kelsey Overbey Boos

5th Place - Encore Horse Trials (USEA)
1st place - Cobblestone Farms Horse Trials (USEA)
Rider: Rachel Wilkewitz
Level: Beginner Novice
Horse: Maybe
Breed: Thoroughbred/Trakehner
Owner: Rachel Wilkewitz

7th place - Spring Fling HT
4th place - Derbyshire Farms HT (USEA)
5th place - Encore HT (USEA)
5th place - Cobblestone HT (USEA)
6th place - Honey Run Team Challenge - Individual
3rd place - Honey Run Team Challenge - Team

2015 T.E.A.M. Award-
Champion: Adult Amateur First Year at Beginner Novice
Rider: Abbey Prezkop
Level: N
Horse: Riverson
Breed: Oldenberg, 18h
Owner: Abby Prezkop

2014 TEAM:
Reserve Champion - Novice Rider, Jr.
Reserve Champion - Riverson, Novice Horse, Jr. Rider

Rider: Sarah McColm
Level: Starter
Horse: Rio
Breed: Draft/Paint Cross
Owner: Kelsey Overbey Boos

2nd place - Encore (1st place after dressage)
8th place - Cobblestone
Rider: Rachel Crutchfield
Level: Pre-Beginner Novice
Horse: Roman
Breed: Percheron/Appy cross
Owner: Rachel Crutchfield
Rider: Andrea Schnell
Level: Pre-B
Horse: Chips Ahoy 2013 RETIRED TO A GREAT HOME
Breed: Quarter Horse/Arab cross, 15.2h
Owner: Andrea Schnell

Looking forward to a great season on Zeke
Rider: Alison MacGillivray
Level: Pre BN
Horse: Shilo's Whisper
Breed: Arabian/Appaloosa
Owner: Kelsey Overbey Boos

2013: Cobblestone Derby
2012: Cobblestone Derby
Rider: Ella Douglas-Durham
Level: Nov
Horse: Whiskey Lullaby
Breed: Appaloosa Arabian Cross
Owner: Ella Douglas-Durham

Spring Bay HT (USEA) -- 3rd Place
Greater Dayton HT (USEA) -- 5th Place
Encore HT (USEA) -- 8th Place
USEA Regional Championships, Cobblestone Farms-- 6th Place

Rider: Sydney Hayes
Level: BN / Nov
Horse: Atlas
Breed: Trekehener/Arab
Owner:Sydney Hayes

Cobblestone Derby for Dollars, BN -- 1st Place
Breaking Atlas out as a coming 3 year old

Look for us at Dressage shows
Rider: Jillian Hayes
Level: Novice
Horse: Katy
Breed: Belgian Draft/Paint Cross
Owner: Jillian Hayes

Cobblestone Derby for Dollars, BN -- 1st Place

Cobblestone HT (USEA): BN - - 3rd Place

2010 American Eventing Championships:
Beginner Novice, Adult Amateur - 7th Place

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