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Students - Pg. 5

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Rider: Fin Seely
Level: BN
Horse: Zeke
Owner: Kelsey Overbey Boos

Spring Fling -- 2nd Place
Hunters Run -- 6th Place
TEAM Challenge - - 1st Place

Beg. Nov. Rider Jr - 3rd Place
Rider: Kylie Sclater
Level: Starter, BN
Horse: Leo
Owner: Kylie Sclater

1st Place - Derbyshire - BN
Low Pt. Dressage Award - Derbyshire - BN
3rd Place - Encore - Starter
2nd Place - Cobblestone - Starter

TEAM 2014
3rd Place - Starter, Amateur Rider
Rider: Kirsten Raab
Level: Beginner Novice
Horse: Zeke
Owner: Kelsey Overbey Boos

2nd place - Derbyshire Farms HT (USEA/TEAM)
1st place - Encore HT (USEA/TEAM)
2nd place - Cobblestone Farms HT (USEA/TEAM)
1st place - TEAM Benefit at Hunters Run (TEAM)
Reserve Champion - USEA Area 8 Beginner Novice Championship

Champion - Beginner Novice Amateur Rider
Champion - Beginner Novice Horse, Adult Rider
Lowest Overall Penalty Score - 26.3 at TEAM Benefit

USEA Area 8
Champion - Beginner Novice Adult Amateur Rider
6th place - Beginner Novice Rider
8th place - Beginner Novice Horse

5th place - Beginner Novice Adult Rider
8th place (tie) - Beginner Novice Adult Amateur Rider
Rider: Sierre Wolfkostin
Level: BN
Horse: Zeke
Breed: Belgian Paint Cross
Owner: Kelsey Boos
1st place---Canter Benefit (TEAM): BN
2nd place---Cobblestone Horse Trials (TEAM): BN
1st place---Encore Horse Trials (USEA/TEAM): BN
2nd place---Champagne Run (USEA): BN
19th out of 82---American Eventing Championships: BN
3rd place---TEAM Benefit Horse Trials: BN
2nd place---Honey Run TEAM Challenge: BN
2nd place---Hagyard Midsouth Three-day Event & Team Challenge (USEA): BN

BN Junior Champion
BN High Point Horse & Rider
Spot on the BN team at the Midsouth Hagyard Team Challenge

Castleberry Trophy (Overall Highpoint Award, Junior)
Red White and Blueberry Trophy (High Point First Year BN Junior Horse & Rider Pair)
Welcome to Eventing Award (High Point First Year BN Rider)

USEA Area 8:
2012 Young Rider Reserve Champion
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